Reflexion und Metaperspektive als notwendige Komponente der Kartenkompetenz


meta-perspective, competence of reflection, competence of map-reading, deconstruction, objective hermeneutics


Gryl, I., Horn, M., Schweizer, K., Kanwischer, D. und Rhode-Jüchtern, T. (2010) „Reflexion und Metaperspektive als notwendige Komponente der Kartenkompetenz“, Zeitschrift für Geographiedidaktik - ZGD, 38(3), S. 172–179. doi: 10.18452/25537.


Within the national educational standards of geography, the ability of reflection and of meta-perspective has a high significance. The competence to reflect is a skill that is called for development in almost every competence area. Against this background the contribution attempts to exemplify theoretical foundations and possible methodical approaches of a competence of reflection for map-reading. A map is being understood as a hybrid construction that combines textual and visual qualities. This in-between position and the comprehension of a map as a means of communication lead via a differentiation of the term map-reading to the competence of reflection, which is the ability and skill to read maps actively and appropriately. In order to achieve such a competence, methodical possibilities based on deconstruction and objective hermeneutics will be demonstrated. Moreover, the contribution provides an outlook of the ability of reflection within general competence models.

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