Kartenauswertekompetenz – Theoretische Grundlagen und Entwurf eines Kompetenzstrukturmodells


map skills, map use competence, competence model, reading competence of PISA, spatial representations, geographical competence, model of text and picture comprehension


Hemmer, I., Hemmer, M., Hüttermann, A. und Ullrich, M. (2010) „Kartenauswertekompetenz – Theoretische Grundlagen und Entwurf eines Kompetenzstrukturmodells“, Zeitschrift für Geographiedidaktik - ZGD, 38(3), S. 158–171. doi: 10.18452/25536.


This article aims at designing a theoretically based structural model of map use competence. In addition to the geographical concept of maps the model of reading competence of PISA and other concepts are discussed. In chapter 3 the main results of empirical studies to map use competence are discussed, and chapter 4 displays the competence model as the present result of discussion by the authors. On this basis an empirical study is planned, which is outlined in chapter 5.

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