Kompetenz des Kartenzeichnens – Theoretische Grundlagen und Entwurf eines Kompetenzstufenmodells


map skills, map draw competence, competence model, geographical competence


Frank, F., Obermaier, G. und Raschke, N. (2010) „Kompetenz des Kartenzeichnens – Theoretische Grundlagen und Entwurf eines Kompetenzstufenmodells“, Zeitschrift für Geographiedidaktik - ZGD, 38(3), S. 191–200. doi: 10.18452/25539.


In this article some relevant theoretical considerations about map drawing are out-lined. This includes aspects e.g. from writing competence and from geographical education. In chapter 3 results of international empirical studies to map drawing competence are discussed. Considerations about a competence model are made in chapter 4. On this basis an empirical study is planned, which is outlined in chapter 5.

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